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About Me

Having gained 17 years experience in one school, I now solely dedicate all my teaching time to 1-2-1 tutoring from home. 

My ambition comes from the desire to deliver individual lessons for those children temporarily ‘lost’ in the classroom environment.

I build a good rapport with each of my tutees where they trust my techniques and belief in them.

I graduated from Cardiff University with B.A. (Hons) Education with Psychology. 

Over my 17 years at St. Peter’s Primary School, I previously taught all subjects to all age groups. Along the way, I have undertaken various responsibilities including:

  • Infant Department Leader
  • Member of Senior Leadership Team
  • 1-2-1 In House Tutor for two schools
  • DT Leader
  • Humanities Leader
  • Assessment Leader for five schools


  • review rating 0  Beth is an outstanding tutor, she worked with my daughter Sophie in year 6. Not only did Beth increase Sophie’s understanding and ability in Maths and English, but more importantly boosted her confidence in these subjects, which then boosted Sophie’s confidence in all her other subjects. Sophie is now in top set for all her subjects in secondary school. Sophie always came home happy, so I knew it was the perfect learning environment for her. I cannot recommend Beth highly enough. Thank you Beth

    thumb Emma Abbott
  • review rating 0  Beth is such a fabulous, engaging tutor. Not knowing how my daughter would be with someone new on a 1-2-1, Beth put her at ease and from day one my daughter has loved having her tuition. Even with difficult times of lockdowns and isolation Beth converts to online learning and accommodates where possible. In a matter of a couple of months my daughters confidence and academic ability has improved. 😀👍💕5 ⭐️

    thumb Lisa Burnham
  • review rating 0  My daughter has been going to Beth for around 12mths. Whilst she has struggled and had little confidence in Maths, Beth has given her the tools to make great progress in such a short time which has been highlighted from both her teachers and school report. My daughter looks forward to going each week and actually now enjoys Maths. This is all down to Beth and i cannot recommend her highly enough. An amazing tutor who truly cares. Thankyou Beth

    thumb Catherine Pearse Was Bond
  • review rating 0  Beth, was really great at helping my daughter have more confidence in maths. She’s very friendly and supportive and my daughter was really happy to go.

    thumb Gabby Saunders
  • review rating 0  Our daughter started with Beth after having a bad year 3 where she went from the top table in maths to the bottom in the space of the year. Beth brought her back to where she should be, and more, and she has since excelled in years 4&5 and is now taking her 11+ this autumn having achieved a great result in the recent mock exam. These results are purely down to Beth’s tuition having made the lessons fun and enjoyable. Beth is very flexible scheduling wise and will work around your child’s other commitments wherever possible. Would highly recommend anyone sending their children to Beth for a little boost in their confidence and academic achievement. Thanks Beth. 👏🏻

    thumb Nigel Long
  • review rating 0  We have attended Beth's sessions since last september, preparing for the 11+. My daughter has grown in confidence thanks to Beth's great approach, patience and encouragement. Despite the challenging times, we are still able to continue with her tuition with the same quality Beth provides but online. She finished her first virtual lesson beaming, ready for more! Thank you Beth!

    thumb Gwenn Cervelle
  • review rating 0  My daughter has been coming to Beth for 1-2-1 tutoring for 3 years since year 5. Absolutely amazing progress has been made. She has gone from below average in class to Well above and has just been moved to her top set in secondary school. Would totally recommend Beth for extra tutoring. She’s very patient, explains everything until you understand, works along with what your learning in your school, very friendly and a total maths genius. Thank you for getting Madison to where she is today. She has gone from hating doing maths to making maths her favourite subject, and has grown in confidence.

    thumb Mary Hussey
  • review rating 0  Beth is an amazing tutor! Very friendly, resourceful and knowledgeable. Strong in both Math and English!! Creative ideas to engage children in subjects they don’t like at school!! She sets targets and achieves them with her students. A great personality and aware of children and parents needs. My daughter bonded very well with her from day one. Despite it being an online lesson, she managed to build a good rapport with my daughter. Always friendly and approachable and met my expectations at every occasion. Can’t recommend her enough.

    thumb Rasha Hosny
  • review rating 0  Livia has been doing her 11+ Tutoring with Beth since September and loves every minute of it. Livia is always so eager to go and comes out of her lesson so happy which speaks volumes to how Beth not only teaches but how comfortable she makes Livia feel. During this awful time we are all going through Beth has offered tutor sessions online. Livia has just completed her first one and a massive thumbs up to you Beth . Thank you so much 👍👍

    thumb Hannah Barnett
  • review rating 0  Beth is a fantastic tutor. She has tutored both my son and daughter from year 3 and will continue to tutor them both in year 7 & 8. My son was almost a year behind at primary school and with Beth’s amazing teaching skills he has now caught up and achieved well over 100 in his sats exams. Thank you so much Beth.

    thumb Alison McDonald

“I really notice a difference in her confidence with maths now so thank you for your hard work. She loves it!”


“I am so happy for [my son] and very proud and it’s all thanks to you Beth. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.”


“We would highly recommend Beth as a 1-2-1 tutor. Over the past two years she has taught our daughter Evie, significantly raising her Maths and Literacy skills. Not only has she increased her academic skills but she has instilled in Evie, self confidence and motivation to learn. Beth’s lessons are engaging, fun and progressive and she provides us with weekly feedback on Evie’s learning. We are so pleased with the change in Evie’s attitude and confidence in her learning and can’t thank Beth enough for her attentive and patient approach to teaching. Thank you Beth! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” – Mr and Mrs G

  • review rating 5  Beth is an amazing tutor, she tutored my son in English for approximately 2 years. He was reluctant to go but she made him feel really comfortable and he even enjoyed his lessons!! His ability and confidence came on leaps and bounds and he moved from middle level in bottom class to middle level top class, achieving well over 100 in his SATS test. Beth was always great at communicating with me, giving me an update on the lesson and his progress each week. I can not recommend her highly enough.

    thumb Anna Pearce

    review rating 5  Beth has been brilliant with my daughter at giving her the confidence to believe in herself at English and maths. Any areas I felt she needed help with, Beth would create a lesson to tackle and feed back to me how it went. She put my daughter at ease and made learning fun- thank you for your help

    thumb Amy Bond
  • review rating 5  I first met Beth when she taught at my daughters school. I sought Beth's help when my eldest daughter was struggling with secondary school math, she helped my daughter gain confidence and she no longer struggles or gets panicked by math work. Beth is now helping my youngest daughter with Primary School Math. Beth is patient and understanding, she knows how to communicate with the children, she has always communicated with me and clearly has a very good understanding of different children's needs and understanding. I find Beth's charging methods fair and reasonable, she never pressures me to spend more than i can afford and has gone above and beyond on many occasions offering advice and help, it is clear Beth loves to teach and her passion for teaching has a real positive impact.

    thumb Claire Dixon

    review rating 5  My son is really enjoying his 1 to 1 math sessions with Beth. She makes the lessons fun whilst taking into consideration his needs. I highly recommend Beth my son has become more confident in maths since he has been working with her. In his words she’s the best tutor ever! Can’t argue with a 10 year who hates math and now looks forward to his weekly lesson.

    thumb Sarah Owen
  • review rating 5  My son Harry (Y5) began face to face lessons with Beth prior to lockdown. She quickly moved to online - this continuity was just what we needed. During lockdown she has been able to teach the areas she assessed as needing attention. Further, she adapts lessons if a school topic needs consolidating. This flexibility is what I think makes her so popular. I have found Beth's support invaluable over lockdown and nothing is ever too much trouble. Harry thinks she is fabulous too - her lessons are always engaging and he often has a smile on his face during his online lesson. Any homework she sets he has been, on the whole, able to do on his own and in this way he has grown in confidence. The schools are doing a fantastic job with home learning and Beth's additional guidance is the icing on the cake. Thankyou Beth.

    thumb Karen Northmore

    review rating 5  I was recommended Beth by a friend who is also a teacher. My son has been working with Beth for approximately 10 weeks and his confidence levels and more so, his enjoyment of working/learning have increased ten fold. He has daily sessions (during lockdown) and loves every session. I would highly recommend Beth to anyone looking for additional tuition

    thumb sue cooper
  • review rating 5  Beth tutored our daughter Sophie weekly for just over a year leading up to and finishing Year 6. My wife and I cannot recommend Beth enough. She focused on any weak points in Sophie's learning and gave appropriate weekly homework to strengthen those weaknesses. Most importantly though, Beth gave Sophie the confidence to know she was doing things right. Sophie always came home with a smile on her face, so we know the learning environment was perfect for her. Thank you Beth for all your help, Sophie is going into her next year at secondary in the top sets for everything, and she is looking forward to more learning!

    thumb Nick Abbott (Governor)

    review rating 5  Want to say the biggest thank you ever for what you have done for both of the girls , you've made their time at school a little easier with your super powers of helping them. Both girl become more confident and comfortable with the subjects they were lacking in . Highly recommended.

    thumb Leah Jemmett


The opportunity to lead my school’s in-house 1-2-1 tutoring initiative gave me an immeasurable sense of achievement that I was missing from whole class teaching. 

The freedom to be permitted to teach what each child required and deviate to accommodate every child’s specific need was the turning point for me. 

The initiative came about through the acknowledgement that children were being left behind, due to lack of timetable time to address this in a full classroom. Research showed that a 10 week program of targeted work had a direct correlation with class grades.

It was an absolute privilege to be involved with this for 3 years alongside my class based role, and witness childrens’ confidence grow alongside their results.

I began tutoring from home as well as my shared class responsibility and eventually turned all my attention to home tuition – I have never looked back!

Maths tutoring – ages 5-13 

English tutoring – ages 5-11

I tutor after school Monday-Friday, offering 55 minute sessions. Families book children in to attend weekly for one subject, paid in advance.

55 minutes£30 

Families sign up for an exclusive slot within my diary, on a 1-2-1 basis, and it is expected therefore that lessons will be paid for in advance. Ad-hoc tutoring is not offered.

Please note that lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full charge.

As I am a teacher, I am versed with the methods used and expectations. I check school maths policies to confirm that I am adhering to their chosen techniques. Further, I commonly email and liaise with class teachers. We all have a common goal to make your child the best they can be so are receptive to information sharing.

All I can say, is that if school is becoming uncomfortable and progress does not seem to happening… it is not an age thing, it is according to individual need. 

I have children in Y1 requiring phonics and reading intervention, to Y7 children who have simply forgotten all their SATs skills and fallen behind.

I am used to hearing parents say that they wished they had started external lessons sooner!

For many reasons, including long term sickness- this is a growing area. Many children are overwhelmed and get left behind, or have social needs that a school is under-resourced to provide.

I have taught home schoolers, very successfully. These lessons can occur in the day, to give the ‘working school timetable’ vibe.

Yes. I make myself available in the school holidays as this provides consistency for children, allowing for the fastest rate of progress.

There is supporting research which confirms the dip in learning after prolonged periods of time out of the classroom i.e. the six week summer holiday. 

“The summer break contributes to a widened knowledge gap between children, even if they start school with the same knowledge and skills.” (Alexander & Entwisle, 1996; Bormann & Dowling, 2006).

I realise that families have busy schedules with many outside activities being enjoyed by children. I think this is important too, so I am newly introducing the flexibility to attend during holidays only.

Most of my regular tutees carry on as routine through the holidays; it is this repetition that is key to success. I can not stress emphatically enough, how true this is.

My diary offers daytime slots as the children are off. However, work and days out mean I can be flexible. 

The only caveat is that priority is given to the term time tutees.

I teach from my house (address below) to keep the costs down. If I were to travel I would need to increase the costs as I could not teach as many lessons.

I offer books for children to borrow to support their reading at home

I do expect activities to be completed at home. However, it is always set at an achievable amount and designed to practice acquired skills. I pride myself on setting work that will give them meaningful practice, grow their confidence and not require support from the parent.

It may be written, or I may direct them to specific learning games.  I make specific flashcards which are homework too. This revisiting of facts, has a quick impact so the children see the benefit of coming, which makes it easier for everyone concerned!

I run mini leaderboard competitions between the tutees on times tables for example, so many like that for their homework. It is again, optional to join; when and if they feel they want  to compete. In my experience, this competitive element fuels them to practice at home – most can not resist! 

As I run lessons after your child has finished, it would not be fair for me to stop and talk.  However, I regularly send messages to parents. A Post-it® note will list any work, activities required for that week.

Most of all though, your best feedback will come through school; they will be noticeably more confident, achieve better grades, perhaps move up a group or level, gain a recognition award.  All these are the most rewarding feedback. It literally is about clocking up meaningful practice… hours of lessons equates with success.

I keep a plan for each child in a book, which is updated each week. The next lesson revisits and checks knowledge, builds on it and moves forward at the pace dictated by ability.

I respectfully ask that a week be given in notice for missing a lesson so I can fill my diary accordingly. The more time given the more chance we can move the lesson day for that week in order to maintain the all important continuity.

Exception can only be made if your child is sent home from school and I am contacted during the school day. 

Please note that lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full charge.


It is worth noting that the expectation is that your child will attend weekly during term time, save for exceptional circumstances. 


I reserve the right to end an agreement with a family in order to support my business and use the slots for lessons.


Similarly, from term time regular tutees, I would request a 2 week notice period.

Currently, I take payments termly, monthly or at least 24 hours prior to the lesson – either in cash or by telegraphic transfer. 


Therefore, cancellations within 24 hours cannot be accepted and the lesson will need to be paid for in full. Details can be found on the ‘Payments’ page.

You are also welcome to pay monthly or termly by standing order if this is easier.

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